services  Master Planning

  • Martha Baldwin Elementary School
  • Brightwood Elementary School
  • Emery Park Elementary School
  • Freemont Elementary School
  • Garfield Elementary School
  • Granada Elementary School
  • Monterey Highlands Elementary School
  • William Northup Elementary School
  • Park Elementary School
  • Ramona Elementary School
  • Repetto Elementary School
  • Ynez Elementary School
  • Century High School
  • Mark Keppel High School
  • Alhambra High School
  • San Gabriel High School

Masterplanning is collaborative process that takes into context the fabric of the existing structures and environs as well as the educational program goals. Before the master plan can take place, a thorough  assessment of the site’s assets and existing infrastructure must be done in order to arrive at a starting point for the facilities portion of the master plan. Information must be gathered from the administration and key stakeholders to determine what each sees as the important elements that must be implemented to meet the goals of the planning exercise. Users must be interviewed and teaching opportunities must be developed. As educational goals and practices change, so too must the buildings that help to implement the teaching process. Infrastructure, technology, learning environment, sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental factors must all be prioritized and taken into account  Each master plan has its own goals and priorities.

In the exterior master plans developed for Alhambra Unified School District, part of the goal was to enliven the spaces while greening the environment and providing a variety of activities for the kids. The goal being to give the kids a place to vent their energy so that they could return to class reinvigorated and ready to learn again. We also tried to utilize indoor/outdoor teaching spaces to integrate the beautiful southern California weather into the teaching day of the kids.

Repetto Elementary School Master Plan

District Integration

At Alhambra Unfiied School District, we served as the District Architect. We were able to integrate and work collaboratively with the various departments in the District such as accounting, business services, and facilities. This provided us major insight and understanding into district operations and their functions and priorities. In this way, we were able to address their concerns and needs as we developed Master Plans and District Standards for their building program.