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Garfield and Northrup
Elementary Schools

12 Classroom Additions

MLArchitecture worked with Prefast Building Corporation to develop two modular building projects for AUSD. These projects consisted of a eight classroom and ten classroom additions to replace existing portable buildings. In order to establish state funding for the project, the projects were expedited through the Division of the State Architect and approval agencies. The length of the project from planning to the end of construction was 9 months total. The buildings were precast concrete panels built off site and put together on the sites. The construction delivery method utilized was a Lease-Lease Back contract with Pankow Construction to also help expedite the final construction of the project. Construction costs of the two projects was $10, 400,000 and there were no net change orders to the District.

Garfield - 12,000 SF
Northrup 13,400 SF
Cost: $10,400,000
Program: Classrooms, accessible toilet rooms, and support facilities.

Baldwin Elementary School site plan