Design and Construction oversight is the heart of an architectural practice. Realizing the built design that meets the goals of the owner and the site is the ultimate achievement of architecture. It is the Architect’s responsibility to provide physical dimension and physical spatial definition to the owner’s vision. At MLA, the owner’s needs and vision come first. The Architect is merely there to translate these ideas into the built environment, using our skills and design expertise. The design process is the beginning of the building process. MLA will help you achieve your design potential, help to facilitate the approval process, and will provide strong construction oversight to verify that the design intent is met and construction documents adhered to. The result is an end product that meets all of the goals and criteria of the owner. Our goal is to help you achieve your project on schedule and on budget.

During the construction phase, ML Architecture has developed a project log spreadsheet that tracks at a glance the history of all construction phase changes including RFI’s, cost proposals, supplemental instructions, change orders, and action items/responsibilities. At the same time, MLA is fully aware of DSA and OSHPD’s requirement that all changes to the construction documents be processed as change orders.