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California State University Fullerton

Student Housing Complex

This new residential complex, is a prototype for future campus housing. Comprised of five 4-story buildings, the units feature four single occupancy rooms with a total of 436 beds and a head resident's apartment. Typical units include two bathrooms and shared kitchen and living areas. These facilities combine the benefits of off-campus living with on-campus convenience.

Facing an increasing program with limited budget, functional and design goals are met through simplicity in materials and forms, variation in colors and stacked units with greater operational efficiency. All units are handicap accessible and 100% adaptable. Special building system features include energy efficient central water heating, premium acoustical installation between units and dual glazed acoustic window to mitigate adjacent freeway noise.

Mun Leu was the lead project architect with The Steinberg Group on this project.

CSUF student housing
CSUF student housing CSUF housing office CSUF housing officeCSUF housing office